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Research visit to RWTH sister university GU-Tech Oman

The Biofilm Engineering Group at RWTH-Aachen made an inaugural visit to GU-Tech Oman for the purpose of formalising research and teaching cooperation with the Department of Engineering in the area of integrated water resources, treatment and supply.

Onsite decentralised water and wastewater utilities provide a unique "Living Laboratory" for the study of (i) wastewater treatment and reuse, (ii) water treatment from brackish ground water and (iii) alternative water sources for cooling towers in water stressed regions.

The water utilities and laboratory space offer excellent foundation for research-based solutions to tackle regional challenges in water stress and sustainable water reuse in close cooperation with industrial partners.

The Biofilm Engineering Group look forward to accelerate and strengthen cooperation with GU-Tech and stakeholders to support water management in the Middle-East.

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